Week 4 is audio week?!

I have to say this was one of the more difficult weeks strictly because I don’t like recording and hearing myself. The daily creates were fun as usual but the audio assignment bank was really difficult for me. I was able to find a couple that allowed me to remix music but most were based on recording my own sounds. I completed my first live radio episode and that was better than expected. I purposefully didn’t watch the episode before listening so that I wouldn’t have the images in my mind. Doing this made the sound fx and dialogue stand out far more because I was forced to focus on the audio without distractions of the images. Emotions come out a lot better if the acting is good because facial expressions play a big role, but without images it’s hard to really feel the emotion.

For the show i’m really starting to feel bad for Sabotka, it seems like he’s trying to hold himself together while still keeping control of his workers and his illegal actions. I have a feeling if he gets on the bad side of “the greek” he may be getting into more trouble than he can handle, and he should probably cooperate more if they are willing to pay him better for his services.

Ideas for a radio show

As real as The Wire feels, it’s still a tv show made for entertainment. My idea for a radio show is to take some scenes from the entire series that you believe is too hollywood and imagine how the actual scene would play out in real life.

Week 3: Even more creativity with this one and a new Season!

Week 3 was full of assignments that involved daily creates and design ideas. I had a fun time coming up with ideas to complete the assignments, but the trouble came from finding a assignment I would enjoy completing. Some of the design assignments are pretty harsh when it comes to ability to complete, but I think of that as part of the fun. Try to find something you’d be good at, then think creatively on how to complete it. I found the writing assignments to be the easiest to complete since I have a lot of experience writing. I chose a writing design and a daily create that both involved writing poems. I also found two video assignments that involved GIFs because I really have fun creating them. To round out the assignments I recorded a self help for a Redskins fan that I uploaded to my soundcloud account and I made an image using paint to depict a mathematical equation.

To reflect on The Wire, I like the entry to the new season. The show builds on the end of the first season, but includes a different storyline that keeps the show fresh. I like that they introduced a whole new cast of  characters that the show will be focusing on, while at the same time keeping the original as a side story. It’ll be interesting to see how the smuggling at the Baltimore port will involve the entire Baltimore PD crew from the first season, but I can already tell Mcnulty will be a focal point.

Jeremy’s reflection on Bryan Alexander and Digital Storytelling

Web 2.0 was a good article to read because it addresses the infatuation with social media. Only lately has it been  beneficial to layout a story online and it’s  because of the trends listed in Bryan Alexander’s article. He highlights blogs, twitter, wikis, social images, and facebook, which are some of the most popular social media sites and trends online right now.  Without the popularity of these sites, digital storytelling wouldn’t be seen by the masses of online viewers. Like the article says, social media evolves at a rapid speed so I see concern with the trends we have today. Already, facebook isn’t as popular as it used to be, so what would replace it? Twitter is at it’s peak, so when will it begin to lose it’s popularity? I do believe digital storytelling will stay in demand, because the world is so reliant on the internet.  Just what form digital storytelling is going to take next will be interesting to see.

I believe the tumblr site could be considered digital storytelling because it depicts sees from the show in GIF format, which certainly reflects parts of the show that tells the story of The Wire. The Wire facebook page, however, looks more like an advertisement and online store for the show, than actual storytelling.

My creation, from the mind of Jeremy. Poem.

My blog is a creation

From the Mind of Jeremy Hillberry

It’s a website designed for my online class

That revolves around The Wire

It’s starting to be my creation

Because the thoughts come from Jeremy Hillberry

Eventually my domain will outlive my class

And I will have moved beyond The Wire

But I’ll always remember my original creation

Followjeremy.com, founded by Jeremy Hillberry