Vacation in Germany and Paris 2013

Here is a photo montage of my vacation to Germany and France. The background music is my favorite classical piece Canon in D Major by Pachelbel.

Smooth and Scary Criminal…dedicated to Omar

Here is Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson that has the audio stripped and replaced with scary sound effects. The video itself is kind of weird and spooky looking so I decided that a scary sound effects backgournd would match up pretty well. And because Omar is a smooth criminal and scares drug dealers in The Wire, this is dedicated to him.

Music Video Ace of Base- The Sign

This is my music video for a classic 90’s song. I made of a video of what exactly comes to mind when I hear this song.

More inspiration of creativity

This author’s idea was inspiring because they used online resources and a photo they already had to create something new and creative. This will help give me more options when completing new assignments.

An inspiration of experience

This author’s work was inspiring because they explained that the more assignments they completed, the easier it becomes to think of ideas and execute.

Radio shows and more

This week we hosted our radioshow and had the chance to listen to other radio show projects. Each group did a fantastic job creating their radio show since it involved so much work and collaborated effort. I found that doing audio assignments does not become easier even when completed as a group, and I still don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice. Besides that, I really enjoyed coming up with ideas for something creative and hearing the commercials incorporated into the shows.

The rest of the week was focused on commenting on other blog sites, which I really found enjoyable. I like how every site is completely different, which I believe reflects the personality of the site author. I found three works that I found inspirational, and each of them involved creativity in design and how they used each to create a unique image.

I finished the week with the episodes, and yet again they have been so entertaining. The show is really getting into the mayor campaign, the fued between Marlo and Avon, and the Hamsterdam drug zone. Out of the three, the most enjoyable to watch is the Hamsterdam scenes because I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to eventually fall apart. The fued between Marlo and Avon is going to explode and I wonder who the casualties are going to be. The mayor campaign is a nice departure to all the physical violence and I like seeing how corrupted politics are. This season is great because it shows that both blue collar and white collar have problems.

Inspiration…Emojis in Africa

This author made fantastic use of pop culture by creating an African watering hole image using emojis in place of real animals. The blended image is serene and peaceful. It is inspiring using your imagination to create nice visual designs.