My special person

Having my son is one of the greatest things to ever happen to my life and no words can express how much I love him. This video is for you my little man.

Vacation in Germany and Paris 2013

Here is a photo montage of my vacation to Germany and France. The background music is my favorite classical piece Canon in D Major by Pachelbel.

Smooth and Scary Criminal…dedicated to Omar

Here is Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson that has the audio stripped and replaced with scary sound effects. The video itself is kind of weird and spooky looking so I decided that a scary sound effects backgournd would match up pretty well. And because Omar is a smooth criminal and scares drug dealers in The Wire, this is dedicated to him.

Music Video Ace of Base- The Sign

This is my music video for a classic 90’s song. I made of a video of what exactly comes to mind when I hear this song.

Random Beyonce…yes I know but it’s a GIF assignment

Beyoncé - Flawless & Yoncé Live at MTV VMA 2014 HD (1080 01

Caution!: May cause seizures if watched too long. The design assignment was to create a random GIF of Beyonce so I thought this was an interesting sequence to make as a GIF. This is from a VMA performance and it has nice flashing colors and I like the silhouette that the flashing background makes.