Tutorial: Post-It Notes And Grocery Lists!

1. Open paint program for your Operating System.

2. Create Post it note colored squares to replicate note pads.

3. Insert text and type in notes and lists for your character.

4. Change the text font to resemble handwriting (Example: Bradely Hand ITC)

5. Arrange the notes to look like a post it board.

6. Save as image file and upload to http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/post-it-notes-and-grocery-lists/

7. Tag as VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1505

Wanted Poster Tutorial

1. Find a photo of the individual wanted, and convert to black and white. Go to http://www172.lunapic.com/editor/?action=effect-bw if you don’t have software.

2. Go to http://www.mobilefish.com/services/wanted_poster/wanted_poster.php and upload the B/W photo you just created.

3. Fill in the information related to your character (Crime, Name, Contact #, Reward)

4. Once information is completed, click the “Generate” button

5. Right click and “Save As” to save your image.

6. Complete! Upload to: VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1386 at http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/wanted-poster/

Award show photo


The post award celebration photo of Chris and Snoop after they won the award for “Most Gangster Crime duo”

Color can be simple and beautiful

Color can be simple and beautiful. I took pictures of solid colors that were natural and unobstructed. The solid pattern made the color stand out and makes the viewer focus on the object being photographed.


DSC04161 DSC04160 DSC04156



Cedric Daniels Giraffe

Daniles Giraffe copy

Lieutenant Daniels is tall and thin and reminds me of a giraffe. So here is Cedric Daniels with a giraffe body.

Scarface…featuring Omar

Scarface copy

This is one of my favorite movies adapted into a book. I thought Omar would fit perfectly just from the title alone.