Carrot Ghost

Carrot Ghost

Here is a happy Carrot ghost to keep all the food people entertained.

Can’t touch this…

mona lisa

I’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person, and it’s always surrounded by a mass of tourists who just stand and stare at the painting for a really long time. It’s also protected by huge pieces of bullet proof glass and no one is allowed within 10-15 feet of the painting. Because of all the security and the history behind the painting, I would love to say I’ve hand my hands on the actually painting of the Mona Lisa.

Rabbit Cow

rabbit cow

Grumpy cat meet grumpy mouse

grumpy mouse


Here is my Grumpy mouse because grumpy cat has been around too long.


Jeremy’s Flag

jeremys flag


This is the flag for the United States of Jeremy’s America. I chose powder blue and yellow because the colors look nice….yes I ripped off the Denver Nuggets basketball team colors. If you look closely you can see my Initials JWH

I wanted an alien microwave

Hacked Poem


Refrigerator magnet poem ended up being a system hack and I wanted an alien microwave along with it.