DS106, Wire106 wrap up

Hey this is Chris, I got access to a computer real quick just to let you know I’m still surviving up in here. The Maryland State Prison is nothing for me, this place will never break me, I’m a man and too hard to get softened up by prison. I’ve got an old man from the streets to keep me company, you all might know him from Avon’s Organization, Wey-Bey. Every once in  while I get time to talk up the old days. Messed up my boy Michael killed my partner in crime. No hard feelings though, Snoop would never go out without a fight and she went down like a real G, and it goes to show how well I taught Michael, that boy could have been the next ME. My time is up, go watch Season 5 of the Wire so you can see how I got caught and how I took the murder charges for my man Marlo. Real Gangster for life.


More inspiration of creativity


This author’s idea was inspiring because they used online resources and a photo they already had to create something new and creative. This will help give me more options when completing new assignments.

An inspiration of experience


This author’s work was inspiring because they explained that the more assignments they completed, the easier it becomes to think of ideas and execute.

Inspiration…Emojis in Africa


This author made fantastic use of pop culture by creating an African watering hole image using emojis in place of real animals. The blended image is serene and peaceful. It is inspiring using your imagination to create nice visual designs.

Inspired by magic…the gathering


This is a great use of pop culture to make creative assignments. I remember these cards way back in high school and I like the use of the characteristics the author uses as the attributes for the character.

An inspiration of photoshop designs


The author was inspired by another assignment to create her own, and she did a fantastic job using the characteristics of Mcnulty in creating a “dummy guide” to his character. I will use her work as inspiration for future photoshop design assignments.



I reflect on the TDSN Radio show

I enjoyed the radio show, it was entertaining to hear their take on the scenes and really enjoyed the commercials and music choices.

I like how they integrated music that relates to the wire’s characters. The advertisement that followed the Sabotka memorial was a great interlude to the radio show. It reminds me of what his crew would do in real life as a remembrance.

The background music added depth and emotion to the conversation that helped create a nice atmosphere and increased the listening experience. I would recommend reducing the background music because it can be distracting to the listener. At times I got into the music and forgot I was actually listening to a radio show. The radio show should be the center piece and only when the background music was too loud did I lose that aspect.

Ideas for a radio show

As real as The Wire feels, it’s still a tv show made for entertainment. My idea for a radio show is to take some scenes from the entire series that you believe is too hollywood and imagine how the actual scene would play out in real life.

Jeremy’s reflection on Bryan Alexander and Digital Storytelling

Web 2.0 was a good article to read because it addresses the infatuation with social media. Only lately has it been  beneficial to layout a story online and it’s  because of the trends listed in Bryan Alexander’s article. He highlights blogs, twitter, wikis, social images, and facebook, which are some of the most popular social media sites and trends online right now.  Without the popularity of these sites, digital storytelling wouldn’t be seen by the masses of online viewers. Like the article says, social media evolves at a rapid speed so I see concern with the trends we have today. Already, facebook isn’t as popular as it used to be, so what would replace it? Twitter is at it’s peak, so when will it begin to lose it’s popularity? I do believe digital storytelling will stay in demand, because the world is so reliant on the internet.  Just what form digital storytelling is going to take next will be interesting to see.

I believe the tumblr site could be considered digital storytelling because it depicts sees from the show in GIF format, which certainly reflects parts of the show that tells the story of The Wire. The Wire facebook page, however, looks more like an advertisement and online store for the show, than actual storytelling.

My creation, from the mind of Jeremy. Poem.

My blog is a creation

From the Mind of Jeremy Hillberry

It’s a website designed for my online class

That revolves around The Wire

It’s starting to be my creation

Because the thoughts come from Jeremy Hillberry

Eventually my domain will outlive my class

And I will have moved beyond The Wire

But I’ll always remember my original creation

Followjeremy.com, founded by Jeremy Hillberry