DS106, Wire106 wrap up

Hey this is Chris, I got access to a computer real quick just to let you know I’m still surviving up in here. The Maryland State Prison is nothing for me, this place will never break me, I’m a man and too hard to get softened up by prison. I’ve got an old man from the streets to keep me company, you all might know him from Avon’s Organization, Wey-Bey. Every once in  while I get time to talk up the old days. Messed up my boy Michael killed my partner in crime. No hard feelings though, Snoop would never go out without a fight and she went down like a real G, and it goes to show how well I taught Michael, that boy could have been the next ME. My time is up, go watch Season 5 of the Wire so you can see how I got caught and how I took the murder charges for my man Marlo. Real Gangster for life.


Second to last weekly summary! Focus on Chris Partlow

Season 4 of the Wire is complete and the season ended with a main focus on the four boys Namond, Randy, Dukie, and Michael. Namond ended up getting adopted by Colvin, Randy goes back into social services, Dukie is on the streets selling drugs working for Michael, and Michael is turning into a street thug, hitman for Marlo. I really liked the focus on the four boys because it gave another great story to focus on besides the war between Marlo and the Baltimore PD. Mayor Carcetti is still struggling to keep his city together but it looks like he’s going to focus on his future, instead of helping out the schools of Baltimore. Sadly we will not be moving on to season 5, but I will certainly watch it to see how the series finishes.

Besides watching the last episodes, I completed a combination of assignments to include 4 daily creates as well as remixes and mashups for my central character Chris Partlow. The two assignments I submitted were vine inspired videos of Chris from the show and a video I created that involved a laugh track added to a scene with Chris committing a drive by shooting. Next week will be a wrap-up to the semester and the final project so I will have many more assignments to finish with Chris Partlow in mind.

Week 11/12 end to a great season and a busy 2 weeks

Week 11 and 12 was a double work load of video assignments and ended season 3 of the Wire and began season 4.

Episode 11 and 12 was a great ending to season 3. The two episodes capped off the end of Avon’s organization with the murder of Stringer at the hands of Mouzone and Omar. Avon is finally arrested, not by charges of drugs, but by a warrant arrest and conspiracy to commit murder obtained by the information provided from Stringer. This also shows the fall of Hamsterdam and Bunny Colvin, an event I have been anticipating the entire season. I think how they ended the season was great, especially how they incorporated the mayoral campaign scenes which transitions the show into the next season.

Season 4 opens with the introduction of the new cast, revolving around 4 middle school kids who look like they will be a big part of the show, probably carried into the last season. Michael, Namond, Dukie, and Randy each are different personalities and remind me of the crew from the first season. I aslo like that Prez if finally getting out of the police force and will be related to the  story revolved around the four boys.  The mayoral campaign looks like it’ll be the second story focus of the season as well.Season 4 is already shaping up to be a another great season of the Wire.


Week 10…videos and more

Week 10 was a fun week of video assignments, inspirations, daily creates, and three more episodes of the Wire. I had to complete 10 stars worth of assignments for videos which ended up being three projects. My first project was a music video I created for an Ace of Base song. I put my own spin on the video by making it a collection of street signs. My second video is the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal music video in which I removed the audio track and replaced it with scary sound effects. This is dedicated to Omar because he is a smooth criminal who happens to scare drug dealers in the show. My third video is a collection of vacation photos that I took while visiting Germany and France, and I included some classical music in the background that I think matches the atmosphere of the photos. Throughout the week I also completed two daily creates, which is still fun to complete. One was a photo of an object in the dark, and the other was a drawing of a clothing line. I also found two more creative works that I found inspiring. I ended the week with finishing the three episodes 8, 9, 10.

I like in this season how they are focusing on different ways to bust the drug dealers, this time by tracking the cell phones that the dealers use and then toss. These “burners” help keep the police from tracking their activities, but even after being as cautious and possible, there are still ways to mess up and get caught. The Hamsterdam drug zone is starting to unravel which is something I have been waiting to see unfold. This, of course, doesn’t detract the leaders of the community because it has actually reduced crime in the city by centralizing all the drug activity. Eventually Hamsterdam will all have to crumble, but I like seeing how long it will survive.

Radio shows and more

This week we hosted our radioshow and had the chance to listen to other radio show projects. Each group did a fantastic job creating their radio show since it involved so much work and collaborated effort. I found that doing audio assignments does not become easier even when completed as a group, and I still don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice. Besides that, I really enjoyed coming up with ideas for something creative and hearing the commercials incorporated into the shows.

The rest of the week was focused on commenting on other blog sites, which I really found enjoyable. I like how every site is completely different, which I believe reflects the personality of the site author. I found three works that I found inspirational, and each of them involved creativity in design and how they used each to create a unique image.

I finished the week with the episodes, and yet again they have been so entertaining. The show is really getting into the mayor campaign, the fued between Marlo and Avon, and the Hamsterdam drug zone. Out of the three, the most enjoyable to watch is the Hamsterdam scenes because I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to eventually fall apart. The fued between Marlo and Avon is going to explode and I wonder who the casualties are going to be. The mayor campaign is a nice departure to all the physical violence and I like seeing how corrupted politics are. This season is great because it shows that both blue collar and white collar have problems.

A week of radio

This week has been a work in progress with a wrap-up of the radio show my group has been working hard to complete. I finished the radio bumper I made for the show, and finished recording the last section to complete our radio program. I covered the warrants and laws behind wire tapping, which is a section our radio show focuses on. I also completed one daily create, which was also an audio recording. The recording was supposed to be what my last words would be and I had some fun trying to think of what I would actually say. I finished the week by watching episodes 2, 3, and 4 and Season 3.

I am excited to see the return of Omar in the 2nd episode, he is still my favorite character to watch. Marlo is a new character that is slowly being introduced into the show. His character is looking like Avon’s greatest competition to date. The new mayor election storyline is a nice addition which throws in more political views and dilutes some of the violence in the show. I am really excited to see how Major Colvin’s new drug neighborhood is going to work out because it seems like a incredibly crazy idea that could work, but I have a feeling it’s going to get worse as the show goes on. Hamsterdam is also a great name.

Week 7… a scary mix of audio assignments

Week 7 is another week focused on audio assignments. These assignments are the most time consuming and hardest to complete so I found it to be a “scary” week of homework which fits perfectly with the Halloween month. I finished three audio works that involved a  lot of sound effects and mixing together sound recordings and music. Two daily creates were required as well and I created a story line for a “new” The Wire show which is completely unrelated to the actually show. I created a post that involved guinea pigs, which I found to be very entertaining. I enjoyed that these assignments were related to the holidays and hopefully this trend continues.

I finished the last episode of season 12 and watched the first episode of season 13. Season 12 had a depressing ending as Sabotka was killed. I really started to feel bad for his character and I was hoping he would somehow survive, but of course he didn’t. Even though I found his death depressing, I think it did add some realism because life can suddenly end when you’re not expecting it to, which in Sabotka’s case did happen. Season 3 is focused on the old crew and I like how the first episode shows their old drug hangout spot being demolished, which to me shows that anything from the first season won’t matter, because that history is gone. I think this season is going to start bringing in new characters that will continue on into the series, while old characters will be taken out just like the old projects building.

Great finish to the week and Season 2 of The Wire

This week I was able to get back on track after being away without internet to complete my assignments. The design assignments were fun to complete, I had a great time coming up with ideas for the assignments, and I was able to find good assignments rather quickly compared to other weeks. I created two GIFs in exchange for design assignments because those are the most fun to play with. The two GIFs are unrelated to the three episodes, so they are pretty random, one is a Beyonce GIF and the other an art graffiti GIF. I then completed three design assignments that are related to The Wire episodes, one is a photoshopped image of Lt. Daniels on a giraffe body, which looks creepy and funny at the same time. The second is a book cover I made for the Scarface book that I used Omar for, which fit perfectly because of his giant scar. The last was a movie poster I made using a screenshot of the opening scene of episode 11, where Nick is sleeping peacefully before the Baltimore PD begin to raid homes causes confusion and terror. Overall, fun week for creativity.

The Wire season 2 is about to end, with only one episode left, and I really enjoyed watching this season. In the beginning I didn’t think this season would be able to match the first because the show was just that good. But getting further into the season I began to connect with the new characters, and felt especially bad for Sabotka when he was killed by the Greek, when all he wanted to do was take care of Ziggy and Nick.  I particularly liked Omar’s confrontation with brother Mouzone because Omar was first introduced as a criminal praying on other criminals, but in episode 11 is able to take out the professional assassin. This shows how calculated and smart Omar truly is, and he is becoming my favorite character of the show.


Week 4 is audio week?!

I have to say this was one of the more difficult weeks strictly because I don’t like recording and hearing myself. The daily creates were fun as usual but the audio assignment bank was really difficult for me. I was able to find a couple that allowed me to remix music but most were based on recording my own sounds. I completed my first live radio episode and that was better than expected. I purposefully didn’t watch the episode before listening so that I wouldn’t have the images in my mind. Doing this made the sound fx and dialogue stand out far more because I was forced to focus on the audio without distractions of the images. Emotions come out a lot better if the acting is good because facial expressions play a big role, but without images it’s hard to really feel the emotion.

For the show i’m really starting to feel bad for Sabotka, it seems like he’s trying to hold himself together while still keeping control of his workers and his illegal actions. I have a feeling if he gets on the bad side of “the greek” he may be getting into more trouble than he can handle, and he should probably cooperate more if they are willing to pay him better for his services.

Week 3: Even more creativity with this one and a new Season!

Week 3 was full of assignments that involved daily creates and design ideas. I had a fun time coming up with ideas to complete the assignments, but the trouble came from finding a assignment I would enjoy completing. Some of the design assignments are pretty harsh when it comes to ability to complete, but I think of that as part of the fun. Try to find something you’d be good at, then think creatively on how to complete it. I found the writing assignments to be the easiest to complete since I have a lot of experience writing. I chose a writing design and a daily create that both involved writing poems. I also found two video assignments that involved GIFs because I really have fun creating them. To round out the assignments I recorded a self help for a Redskins fan that I uploaded to my soundcloud account and I made an image using paint to depict a mathematical equation.

To reflect on The Wire, I like the entry to the new season. The show builds on the end of the first season, but includes a different storyline that keeps the show fresh. I like that they introduced a whole new cast of  characters that the show will be focusing on, while at the same time keeping the original as a side story. It’ll be interesting to see how the smuggling at the Baltimore port will involve the entire Baltimore PD crew from the first season, but I can already tell Mcnulty will be a focal point.