Second to last weekly summary! Focus on Chris Partlow

Season 4 of the Wire is complete and the season ended with a main focus on the four boys Namond, Randy, Dukie, and Michael. Namond ended up getting adopted by Colvin, Randy goes back into social services, Dukie is on the streets selling drugs working for Michael, and Michael is turning into a street thug, hitman for Marlo. I really liked the focus on the four boys because it gave another great story to focus on besides the war between Marlo and the Baltimore PD. Mayor Carcetti is still struggling to keep his city together but it looks like he’s going to focus on his future, instead of helping out the schools of Baltimore. Sadly we will not be moving on to season 5, but I will certainly watch it to see how the series finishes.

Besides watching the last episodes, I completed a combination of assignments to include 4 daily creates as well as remixes and mashups for my central character Chris Partlow. The two assignments I submitted were vine inspired videos of Chris from the show and a video I created that involved a laugh track added to a scene with Chris committing a drive by shooting. Next week will be a wrap-up to the semester and the final project so I will have many more assignments to finish with Chris Partlow in mind.

Chris Partlow….is it funny now?

The laugh track would remind me of how a psychopath would react to violence, changing the scene from a violent perception to a view from a psychotic mind.

Gravity 13

Gravity 13

Apollo 13 has inspired space disaster movies, including one the most recent and very popular Gravity. This takes many of the aspects that made Apollo 13 great and includes better visuals.

Carrot Ghost

Carrot Ghost

Here is a happy Carrot ghost to keep all the food people entertained.

Can’t touch this…

mona lisa

I’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person, and it’s always surrounded by a mass of tourists who just stand and stare at the painting for a really long time. It’s also protected by huge pieces of bullet proof glass and no one is allowed within 10-15 feet of the painting. Because of all the security and the history behind the painting, I would love to say I’ve hand my hands on the actually painting of the Mona Lisa.