Week 11/12 end to a great season and a busy 2 weeks

Week 11 and 12 was a double work load of video assignments and ended season 3 of the Wire and began season 4.

Episode 11 and 12 was a great ending to season 3. The two episodes capped off the end of Avon’s organization with the murder of Stringer at the hands of Mouzone and Omar. Avon is finally arrested, not by charges of drugs, but by a warrant arrest and conspiracy to commit murder obtained by the information provided from Stringer. This also shows the fall of Hamsterdam and Bunny Colvin, an event I have been anticipating the entire season. I think how they ended the season was great, especially how they incorporated the mayoral campaign scenes which transitions the show into the next season.

Season 4 opens with the introduction of the new cast, revolving around 4 middle school kids who look like they will be a big part of the show, probably carried into the last season. Michael, Namond, Dukie, and Randy each are different personalities and remind me of the crew from the first season. I aslo like that Prez if finally getting out of the police force and will be related to the ┬ástory revolved around the four boys. ┬áThe mayoral campaign looks like it’ll be the second story focus of the season as well.Season 4 is already shaping up to be a another great season of the Wire.


Rabbit Cow

rabbit cow

My special person

Having my son is one of the greatest things to ever happen to my life and no words can express how much I love him. This video is for you my little man.

Grumpy cat meet grumpy mouse

grumpy mouse


Here is my Grumpy mouse because grumpy cat has been around too long.


Jeremy’s Flag

jeremys flag


This is the flag for the United States of Jeremy’s America. I chose powder blue and yellow because the colors look nice….yes I ripped off the Denver Nuggets basketball team colors. If you look closely you can see my Initials JWH

I wanted an alien microwave

Hacked Poem


Refrigerator magnet poem ended up being a system hack and I wanted an alien microwave along with it.

Week 10…videos and more

Week 10 was a fun week of video assignments, inspirations, daily creates, and three more episodes of the Wire. I had to complete 10 stars worth of assignments for videos which ended up being three projects. My first project was a music video I created for an Ace of Base song. I put my own spin on the video by making it a collection of street signs. My second video is the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal music video in which I removed the audio track and replaced it with scary sound effects. This is dedicated to Omar because he is a smooth criminal who happens to scare drug dealers in the show. My third video is a collection of vacation photos that I took while visiting Germany and France, and I included some classical music in the background that I think matches the atmosphere of the photos. Throughout the week I also completed two daily creates, which is still fun to complete. One was a photo of an object in the dark, and the other was a drawing of a clothing line. I also found two more creative works that I found inspiring. I ended the week with finishing the three episodes 8, 9, 10.

I like in this season how they are focusing on different ways to bust the drug dealers, this time by tracking the cell phones that the dealers use and then toss. These “burners” help keep the police from tracking their activities, but even after being as cautious and possible, there are still ways to mess up and get caught. The Hamsterdam drug zone is starting to unravel which is something I have been waiting to see unfold. This, of course, doesn’t detract the leaders of the community because it has actually reduced crime in the city by centralizing all the drug activity. Eventually Hamsterdam will all have to crumble, but I like seeing how long it will survive.