My weekly summary post

I have finished setting up all my social media accounts. All of these accounts are brand new to me since I was never a social media type of person. I have finished watching the first 9 episodes of the wire again since I’ve already watched the first 4 seasons before. I have to say that the show is still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The depiction of social agendas such as drug infested Baltimore gives a sense of how real world life can be, especially compared to other TV shows that often depict unrealistic, fantasy stories. Each of the seasons attack a different issue and my favorite is still the first.

From the discussion I like seeing how different people can interpret different scenes. When I watch the show I focus on the grittiness of Baltimore ghetto and drug life and I often put myself in the characters’ shoes wondering how I would react to the same scenario. It’s interesting when another person will post how they interpret a scene and focus on the artistic nature and symbolism of the set. I need to focus my attention on the background as well and everything going on in the scene instead of just thinking about the character and how they are reacting.